Enrolment is currently in progress for June and October 2023 examination sittings.
Study for the ZIBFS academic Diploma in Banking and Finance and obtain up to 2 years of exemptions on degree programmes relating to banking and finance from various reputable Universities in Zambia. The Institute has exemption collaborations with various local Universities under which ZIBFS Diploma graduates obtain up to 2 years’ exemptions on the banking and finance-related degree programmes. The ZIBFS Diploma in Banking and Finance enrolls both school leavers and professionals.
This means that a ZIBFS Diploma holder can obtain an academic degree in Banking and Finance in just two years after obtaining exemptions from the University based on the ZIBFS Diploma qualification. Examinations at the Institute are held four times a year, and enrolment is currently in progress for the December 2023 and April 2024 examination sittings. Enroll now to avoid late exam registration penalties.
Email: education@zibfs.com / marketing@zibfs.com/ reception@zibfs.com
Tel: +260 211 237281
Whatsapp: 0977141342

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