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Exemptions are granted at the certificate and diploma levels on a subject by subject basis against proof of having done the subject (s) on another banking/business related course.
To apply for exemptions, read through the exemption guidelines and complete an exemption application form, which should be submitted to the Institute with certified copies of the transcripts of results on which you are basing your application. Exemption fees, determinable yearly, are levied per subject, and these are currently at K450=00 per certificate subject K500=00 per diploma subject.

1. What is an Exemption?

A student may be granted an exemption from sitting for an examination in a ZIBFS prescribed course/subject if the student can show that he/she has successfully completed an equivalent course/subject at another academic institution.

2. How are Exemptions Awarded?

Exemptions are only available at the academic Certificate and Diploma levels. Exemptions are awarded on a subject by subject basis.

3. How is an Exemption Graded?

Students will be assigned a grade of “EXEMPT” for the courses/ subjects they have been exempted in.

4. What is the Fee for Exemptions?

Exemption fees are equal to examination fees per subject.

5. How do I Apply for Exemptions?

i. Note that exemptions are only awarded at the Certificate and Diploma levels, and NOT at the Professional Diploma level.
ii. Ensure that you meet the minimum entry requirement of five (5) O-level Credits, including Mathematics and English.
iii. Register as a ZIBFS member (Refer to the brochure for more information on membership registration).
iv. Complete the exemption application form and submit it directly to the Institute with a detailed transcript of results for the course on which you are basing your application.
v. Your application will be appropriately reviewed and feedback will be given to you in writing. Wait for the response (Usually one week from the date of application submission)
vi. After you receive a successful response, pay for the exemptions as guided in the exemption letter.
vii. The exemptions will be credited to your transcript upon full payment of the stipulated fees.

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