Enrollment is currently in progress for the April and June 2024 examination sessions in the following professional programmes:
1. Bank Branch Management Certification Programme: 3 Months
2. Certified Credit Professional (CCP) Programme: 6 Months
3. Post Graduate Certificate in Retail Banking: 6 Months
4. Post Graduate Certificate in Risk Management: 6 Months
5. Executive Diploma in SME Relationship Management: 6 Months
6. Professional Diploma in Banking & Financial Services: 18 Months
Professionals need to continuously enhance their skills and knowledge through professional development and training in order for them to remain competitive and relevant in the dynamic financial sector. Join the ZIBFS winning team… and continue to learn. Programmes offered by the Institute are very practical in nature and have proven to be very popular among students and working professionals in the banking & financial services industry. Graduates of Institute programmes have given very positive feedback on the quality of Institute Examinations and that they have learnt a lot during their course of study. Download brochures HERE.
Zambia Institute of Banking & Financial Services
P.O. Box 35571, Lusaka.
248A Namambozi Road, Fairview
Telephone: 211 237281 / 0977141342
Email: education@zibfs.com, marketing@zibfs.com, reception@zibfs.com
Website: www.zibfs.com

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